Uyghur guitarist Erkin Abdullah’s Urumqi concert seen as propaganda win for Beijing

by Akhmetjan
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Based on the original article by Akhmetjan

Erkin Abdullah, an established Uyghur guitarist based in California, US, held a large concert at Urumqi Dongkowruk Theater on December 28th, the Uyghur Times Uyghur edition reports. The performance was considered a propaganda win for the Chinese Communist regime.

The news of the concert was widely circulated on Instagram and Weibo by a Chinese propagandist named Kurbanjan Samat. Samat has also directed a series of propaganda documentaries for overseas audiences. 

Uyghur Times reported about Erkin Abdullah’s visit to Urumqi in October of this year. The diaspora Uyghur community had a strong reaction to his visit, as Abdullah appears to deny the Uyghur genocide and has never made any public statements about the disappearance of his relatives.

Mukhtarjan, a Uyghur observer in the US, told the Uyghur Times: “It is unclear what message Abdullah’s performance gave to the Uyghurs in the homeland. However, it is clear that the Uyghurs in the homeland recognized him as a Chinese propagandist and lost their respect for him.

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