by Tursunjan, December 22, 2023 Washington, D.C. A new book, “Uyghur Women Activists in the Diaspora: Restorying a Genocide,” amplifies the voices of ten Uyghur women who fled China’s repression and are now using their experiences to advocate for their people. Authored by Susan J. Palmer, Dilmurat Mahmut, Abdulmuqtedir Udun, […]

The “International Uyghur Forum” jointly organized by the Japan Uyghur Parliamentarian Coalition (JUPC), the Japanese Parliamentary Coalition for Investigating and Taking Action on Human Rights Persecution in China (JPCHC), the World Uyghur Congress, the Japan Uyghur Association, and the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China (IPAC) was held on October 30-31, 2023, at the First Members’ Hall of the Japanese House of Representatives.

Tokyo, Nov 21 Tibet Central Administration reported that Save Tibet Network and Tibet House Japan collaborated to organize a seminar at the Shinjuku Historical Museum in Tokyo, addressing China’s Religious Order No. 19 issued on September 1. The panelists included Japanese Parliamentarian Mitsubayashi Hiromi, Dr. Miyawaki Junko, Vice Chairman of […]

Uyghur Times – Nov 9, 2023 During a three-day gathering, the World Liberty Congress (WLC) made significant strides towards advancing global freedom and democracy. Over 200 freedom and pro-democracy leaders from 56 countries convened, electing a 34-member Leadership Council and Regional Secretaries, releasing the “Pathway to Freedom: Handbook for the […]