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As the only truly independent Uyghur media platform established by Uyghurs themselves, Uyghur Times relies solely on the financial support and volunteer efforts of caring individuals like you. We are not affiliated with any government, political organization or agenda – our sole mission is to be an impartial voice for the voiceless, forgotten Uyghur people. Your donation allows us to comprehensively cover the dire human rights situation in Uyghurstan, shining a light on the oppression, forced labor, mass internment and cultural erasion perpetrated by the Chinese Communist Party. But we also celebrate the resilient social, cultural and political life of the Uyghur diaspora worldwide. Uyghur Times is committed to documenting, reporting and exposing these atrocities to rally international awareness and action. We work tirelessly to uphold truth and expose injustice, but cannot continue without your support. Donate now to protect this vital independent Uyghur media source working to reclaim freedoms and human dignity in Uyghurstan.


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Editorial: Europe Must Use Its Influence to Stop the Uyghur Genocide

Mon May 6 , 2024
Chinese President Xi Jinping is making his first official visit to Europe in 5 years. He will visit countries like France, Hungary and Serbia, and try to open markets for China’s companies facing restrictions in Europe. Europe, on the other hand, will try to persuade China not to provide aid […]
Xi jin ping

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