Urgent: Save Abulikemu YUSUFU, a Uighur man facing deportation from Doha International Airport to China


A Uighur man, Abulikemu YUSUFU (Ablikim Yusuf), DOB: 01 Oct 1965, is currently under threat of deportation from Doha International Airport, Doha, Qatar, to China on Aug. 3, 2019.

We urge the management of Doha International Airport and Qatar Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take this issue seriously and do not deport Abulikemu to China. It is well known that, given the harsh oppression in China, any Uighur who deported to China would face torture and incarceration, even death.

Abulikemu sent an urgent message through Messenger, Facebook to his fellow Uighurs in the diaspora. According to his message reached to the Uighur Times, a media run by Uighurs, Abulikemu was living in Pakistan, yet he felt a threat to his safety there. And he left Pakistan via Qatar Airline on July 31, and he was stopped when he reached to Sarajevo, Bosnia. He was told that he will be deported to China, then he was brought to Doha International Airport on Aug. 2, and he was told that he is going to be deported on Aug. 3, 2019.

We urge the United Nations, European Union, and other governments, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and other non-government organizations to take urgent action to save Abulikemu YUSUFU and save him from deportation to China.

This urgent call has been sent to Qatar Airways, Doha International Airport and UNHCR office in Saudi Arabia from the Uighur Times email account. So far, confirmation of the recipient was received from Qatar Airways Customer Care Team.

Thank you and we hope to see a positive result for our urgent call. God bless.



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