Uyghur Times Transparency Policy

by Uyghur Times
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Uyghur Times, established by Uyghur human rights advocate and academic Tahir Imin Uyghurian, is dedicated to offering insightful information on China’s Uyghur policy, the Uyghur diaspora, and the international response to the Uyghur situation. Our diverse journalistic and editorial team, comprising individuals from various ethnic backgrounds, including Uyghurs and non-Uyghurs across different academic fields, ensures a broad perspective. We provide a platform for diverse voices, including academics, advocacy groups, activists, and victims.

While we have garnered public support through fundraising, we emphasize that we have neither sought nor received funding from any government or political group. It’s essential to note that our editorial and journalist team operates independently from the founder and administration team. Furthermore, we prioritize transparency by ensuring that our contributors and op-ed writers disclose any affiliations with governments or political groups. Although we may hold a specific perspective on the Uyghur situation, focusing on China’s Uyghur genocide, we are committed to upholding journalistic principles. Our information gathering, verification procedures, and editorial practices adhere strictly to established standards, ensuring transparency and reliability in our reporting.

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