Turkey’s Missed Opportunity in Advocating for Uyghur Human Rights

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Hakan Fidan’s recent visit to Ürümqi and Kashgar has sparked significant discussion and controversy. As Turkey’s Foreign Minister, Fidan’s trip was anticipated to be a beacon of hope for the Uyghur community, yet it appears to have fallen short in a critical moment when the world is increasingly standing in solidarity with the Uyghurs.

Missed Opportunity for the Uyghurs

Turkey’s diplomatic engagement with China, particularly concerning the Uyghur issue, should not merely be a formality but a robust stance against the ongoing human rights abuses. The Uyghurs, a Turkic and Islamic ethnic group, have faced severe repression under Chinese policies, including mass detentions, forced labor, and cultural erasure. Fidan’s visit could have been a powerful moment to voice these concerns loudly and clearly.

Instead, Fidan refrained from directly criticizing China’s policies or mentioning the term “Uyghur genocide” or “Uyghur human rights.” This diplomatic approach sends a troubling signal. It suggests tacit approval or, at the very least, a reluctance to confront China on its egregious human rights violations. Such a stance not only undermines the Uyghurs’ struggle for justice but also diminishes Turkey’s moral authority on the international stage.

Diplomatic Gains for Turkey, but at What Cost?

From a diplomatic perspective, Fidan’s visit may appear successful for Turkey. Strengthening ties with China, enhancing economic and tourism cooperation, and seeking China’s support on issues like the establishment of a Palestinian state are undoubtedly significant achievements. Moreover, Turkey’s potential membership in the China-led anti-American coalition, the BRICKS, represents a strategic geopolitical move.

However, these gains come at a substantial moral and ethical cost. By not standing firmly against China’s genocial policies, Turkey risks aligning itself with a regime that continues to perpetrate severe human rights abuses against its own brothers and sisters. This alignment could erode Turkey’s credibility and position as a “defender of oppressed Muslim communities worldwide,” as Erdogan often claims.

The Propaganda Machine and Controlled Narratives

Fidan’s visit was meticulously controlled by Chinese authorities. He toured pre-arranged sites, spoke with selected individuals, and was presented with a sanitized version of reality. This orchestrated visit conceals the harsh truths of the Uyghur plight and provides China with propaganda material to deny the genocide and promote a false narrative of harmony and prosperity.

Turkish media, influenced by this visit, have already started reporting positively about the conditions in Uyghurland, further obscuring the reality. This misrepresentation not only harms the Uyghurs but also misleads the Turkish public and the broader international community about the severity of the situation.

A Call for Genuine Support

Turkey has a historical and cultural connection with the Uyghurs, and it holds a unique position to advocate for their rights. This moment demands more than just diplomatic niceties; it requires a courageous stance for human rights and justice. The world is increasingly recognizing and condemning the atrocities against the Uyghurs. Turkey should not lag behind in this global movement.

Fidan’s visit could have been a turning point, a moment to stand firmly with the Uyghurs and demand an end to their suffering. Instead, it has become a missed opportunity, overshadowed by diplomatic gains and controlled narratives. As Turkey continues to navigate its relationship with China, it must not forget its moral responsibility to the Uyghurs and to the principles of human rights and justice.

In conclusion, while Turkey may have secured short-term diplomatic and economic benefits, it has done so at the expense of its integrity and the Uyghur community’s plight. Standing for Uyghur human rights is not just a matter of international obligation but a reflection of Turkey’s values and commitment to justice. The world is watching, and Turkey must choose the path of righteousness and solidarity with the oppressed.


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