The Uyghur Times Journalistic Code:

All staff who report, manage, edit, and prepare content at Uyghur Times must follow these principles:

Trustworthiness and Integrity:

a. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of journalistic ethics and integrity.

b. We strive to present accurate, reliable, and fact-based information to our readers.

c. We will not compromise the truth or engage in any form of manipulation or distortion of facts.

d. We maintain transparency in our sources and attribution of information.

Independence and Objectivity:

a. We maintain an independent editorial stance, free from political or commercial influence.

b. Our reporting is objective, fair, and unbiased, reflecting diverse perspectives and voices.

c. We do not endorse or promote any specific political, religious, or ideological agenda.

d. Our journalists are guided by professional standards and avoid personal bias or conflicts of interest.

Accountability and Corrections:

a. We take responsibility for the accuracy and fairness of our reporting.

b. If errors occur, we promptly correct them with transparency and provide clarifications as necessary.

c. We encourage feedback from our readers and address their concerns or complaints in a respectful and timely manner.

Respect for Human Rights and Dignity:

a. We prioritize the protection of human rights and dignity in our reporting.

b. We avoid sensationalism, discrimination, or any form of hate speech.

c. We treat individuals and communities with respect, sensitivity, and cultural understanding.

Privacy and Confidentiality:

a. We respect the privacy of individuals and protect confidential sources.

b. We handle personal information with care, adhering to applicable data protection laws.

Editorial Independence and Freedom of Expression:

a. We defend and promote freedom of expression, both within our organization and in society at large.

b. We safeguard the editorial independence of our journalists, allowing them to pursue stories without undue interference.

Ethical Business Practices:

a. We maintain transparency in our financial operations and business practices.

b. We separate editorial content from advertising or sponsored content, clearly distinguishing between the two.

Continuous Professional Development:

a. We encourage our journalists to engage in ongoing professional development and training.

b. We stay updated with emerging journalistic practices, technological advancements, and ethical guidelines.

c. The personal views, social activities, and private lives of individual contributors and administrative team members of Uyghur Times, including its founder Tahir Imin, do not reflect or represent the editorial views, stance, or values of Uyghur Times as an independent and objective media organization committed to journalistic ethics and integrity.

As the Uyghur Times, we are committed to upholding this Journalistic Code to provide our readers with trustworthy, objective, and independent news coverage.

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