International protests in solidarity with Uighurs on July 21st, 2019

Matt Tucker (Twitter@mjt1214) and Maya Mitalipova (Twitter@MayaMitalipova), the two human rights advocates have been co-organizing the protest on July 21st around the world, which so far has confirmed protests in 16 cities in 9 countries.

According to the reports, Chinese regime has put more than 3 million innocent Uighur people in concentration camps. In a very recent UN meeting on Human Rights, Chinese officials defended concentration camps as a ‘vocation schools’, and the detainees are sent to those so called ‘schools’ merely because they are a potential danger to the state not because they committed any crime.

Matt Tucker is a Valley Forge native from Pennsylvania. He has organized protests and standing alone in some occasions protesting the China’s concentration camps in East Turkistan (aka Xinjiang, China).

Dr. Maya Mitalipova is the director of Human Stem Cell Laboratory at Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research at MIT. She is a prominent scientist in human stem cell research. In her free time, Dr. Mitalipova has become an advocate for the human rights of Uighurs, the ethnic group to which she belongs. “With their families in danger, they have no way to defend themselves. As an American, I can raise my voice to help,” she says.

Dr. Mitalipova has been active in raising awareness on the on-going Uighur concentration camps. She has started her protest in Cambridge, MA on June 23 and planning to continue until the end of 2019 by which her permit to protest at this location will end.  Other members of Uighur community in the Boston area (including Abduwaris Ablimit) also joined her protest. Dr. Mitalipova also has claimed that she will continue her activism until China will close the concentration camps.

Matt Tucker and Maya Mitalipova have been advocating people to wear white and blue during this summer in solidarity with Uighur people and their national flag.