Editorial: Europe Must Use Its Influence to Stop the Uyghur Genocide

Xi jin ping

Chinese President Xi Jinping is making his first official visit to Europe in 5 years. He will visit countries like France, Hungary and Serbia, and try to open markets for China’s companies facing restrictions in Europe. Europe, on the other hand, will try to persuade China not to provide aid to Russia against Ukraine.

Whether in the Chinese or European discussions, the issue of stopping the Uyghur genocide is glaringly absent from the agenda of this summit.

At this point, we can say that the failure of European leaders to resist, even slightly, or be resolute against what is happening before our eyes – another genocide – or even to make a strong move by just glancing at it, is an undeniable reality. The reasons for this are certainly many: diversion of attention due to the Ukraine and Gaza wars, their own countries’ political interests, the economic demands of their own companies…In the face of these, the voice of the silent or powerless Uyghurs is inevitably forgotten.

But sadly, if it were not for the anti-CCP protesters in Paris, if it were not for the actions of the Uyghurs in Paris, if some media outlets had not managed to bring the Uyghur genocide to the fore, we would have even forgotten the fact that the lives of millions of Uyghurs were forgotten.

We hope that Europe wakes up before completely submitting to or being ostracized by China.

We must know that no matter how small, every action by the Uyghurs will certainly bear fruit. The Uyghur demonstration is truly a powerful action. It tells China: “We will not ignore you, we recognize you as a criminal, a murderer, you have no human respect, you will be opposed, stop all your crimes against the Uyghurs.” It sends the message to the world that the Uyghurs have not been extinguished yet, have not given up, we did our part as we can, it is your turn to take actions.

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