Celebrating 20 Years of Resilience: The World Uyghur Congress’ Enduring Fight for Freedom

World Uyghur Congress

Today marks a momentous milestone for the Uyghur people – the 20th anniversary of the World Uyghur Congress (WUC). For two decades, this remarkable organization has stood as an unwavering voice for the Uyghurs in diaspora, tirelessly advocating for their rights and freedoms.

The path that led to the WUC’s establishment was arduous, paved with immense sacrifices and hardships. Our leaders and activists like Erkin Alptekin, Rabiye Qadir, Dolkun Isa, Omer Kanat, Mehmet Tohti, Nury Turkel, Rushan Abbas, Qeyriman Ghojamberi, Perhat Yorungqash, Zumretay Erkin, and countless others endured separations from their homeland, defamation by the Chinese government, retaliation against their loved ones, financial struggles, misunderstandings, and malicious attacks online. Yet, their determination never wavered.

Through their resilience, they have achieved remarkable feats. The WUC has become a torchbearer for Uyghur freedom, representing our voice on global stages. They have meticulously collected and reported facts, testimonies, and data on the atrocities inflicted upon our people. With courage, they have spoken out against the tyranny and heinous crimes committed against our nation. They have forged alliances, mobilized our community, and presented compelling evidence of the Uyghur genocide to the world.

Our journey, however, is far from over. The World Uyghur Congress can mobilize more young generations to join this noble movement, unite our voices, and preserve our cherished identity and culture in the diaspora. They need to strengthen our presence across the globe, especially in the Muslim and Turkic worlds, developing mechanisms that will sustain our aspirations for generations to come.

On this auspicious anniversary, we extend our deepest gratitude to the World Uyghur Congress and all those who have dedicated their lives to our cause. Your sacrifices have not been in vain. The dream of returning to a free and independent Uyghur homeland burns brighter than ever, fueled by your unwavering commitment.

Together with the leadership of the World Uyghur Congress, we shall overcome the darkness that has engulfed our beloved land, for the flame of hope and justice cannot be extinguished. The Uyghur spirit, embodied by the World Uyghur Congress, will continue to shine as a beacon, guiding us towards the liberation we so ardently seek.

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