Turkish Future Party Calls for Investigation into China’s Treatment of Uyghurs

selcuk ozdag

Selçuk ÖZDAĞ, MP of the Turkish Future Party, spoke in the Turkish parliament urging lawmakers to investigate China’s treatment of Uyghurs and called for attention to be given to their Turkish brothers and sisters in the colonized Uyghur homeland. Turkish MPs from other parties proposed bills, but all were rejected by the Turkish ruling party AK Party and its ally MHP.

ÖZDAĞ said on X that:https://x.com/selcukozdag/status/1788613307928093015

“We submitted an investigation proposal in the Turkish Grand National Assembly to determine the inhumane treatment and practices amounting to genocide against those who are the essential elements of East Turkestan, especially the Uyghur Turks.

AK Party mv. My response to the ill-advised statements of the former Beijing Ambassador and former AK Party group deputy chairman who was responsible for human rights.

Come on, you cannot send a delegation there just because there is a war in Gaza, but is there a war in China? Why don’t you send it there? Or are you afraid that the actions of the Chinese government, about which some of you so diligently speak highly, will be revealed?!

Apparently, the West and the USA are exploiting this issue. OK, let’s send a delegation and if there is no inhumane practice, then
Let’s take this abuse issue away from them. What if there is? What if these people are being subjected to genocide? What if their religion and language are being tried to be destroyed? We said that you would be held responsible for this, but they still refused.”

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