Seminar Condemns China’s Notorious Religious Order No. 19: Insights from Japan, Tibet, Uyghur, and Southern Mongolia

by Uyghur Times
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Japan, Tibet, Uyghur, and Southern Mongolia Conduct Seminar Condemning China’s Infamous Religious Order No. 19

Tokyo, Nov 21

Tibet Central Administration reported that Save Tibet Network and Tibet House Japan collaborated to organize a seminar at the Shinjuku Historical Museum in Tokyo, addressing China’s Religious Order No. 19 issued on September 1. The panelists included Japanese Parliamentarian Mitsubayashi Hiromi, Dr. Miyawaki Junko, Vice Chairman of Super Sangha Rev. Kobayashi Shuei, and Dr. Govrud Archa, Secretary General of the Southern Mongolia Congress. Representatives from the Japan Uyghur Association and the Liaison Office of H.H. the Dalai Lama also shared insights on the alarming nature of this order.

Participants criticized the CCP regime’s religious order, emphasizing its aim to exert complete control over religious activities in China and occupied territories. They discussed China’s patriotic education policy, highlighting its coercive efforts to instill communist ideology and false propaganda in children. The panel denounced this order as a peak manifestation of a dictatorship’s infringement on freedom of thought and religious practice.

Lawmaker Mitsubayashi Hiromi recounted his experiences in East Turkistan, expressing satisfaction that Tibetans, Uyghurs, and Southern Mongolians joined forces to address the CCP’s intrusive policies. He pledged to condemn this policy through the Japanese Parliamentarian group overseeing China’s human rights violations.

Dr. Govrud Archa and Sawut Muhammad highlighted the religious atrocities and indoctrination imposed by the CCP in their respective homelands, stressing the detrimental impact of the new policy on people’s lives and religious freedom.

Rev. Kobayashi Shuei explained the interference of China, an atheist nation, in the sacred religious domain of reincarnation in Tibetan Buddhism. Dr. Miyawaki Junko discussed the historical aspect of China’s claims over the Mongolian Yuan Dynasty and Manchu Qing Dynasty.

Representative Dr. Arya Tsewang Gyalpo thanked the speakers and participants, emphasizing China’s continuous violation of religious freedom. He revealed that Religious Order No. 19 aims to legitimize religious interference and impose communist ideology in teachings of Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and Taoism.

Following a Q&A session, Mr. Makino Seishu concluded the event. The resolution declared condemnation of China’s Religious Order No. 19, urging its immediate withdrawal and calling for global protests against the CCP’s attempt to intertwine religious teachings with communist ideology. Anri Kitazawa of Save Tibet Network moderated the event, and the Representative Committee of the Minority Nationals supported the seminar with a live Facebook broadcast. While the event was free, some participants offered donations to cover expenses.

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