Uyghur song debuts in Japan

by Anne Kader



By Anne Kader



On June 17th, the NPO (Japan Uyghur Association) released a song about what Uyghur families are emotionally experiencing to raise public interest in the human rights abuses against Uyghurs, the Sankei News reports.


In the Uyghur autonomous region, forced detentions of Uyghurs by the Chinese authorities are widespread. Uyghurs are often separated domestically and internationally due to the effects of the crackdown.


The newly published song “Uyghur Lullaby” will allow parents and children separated from each other to interact. It is recorded in Uyghur, Japanese, and English and will be distributed through Apple Music. The proceeds will go to the human rights activities of the Uyghur Association.


Megumi Yokota (57), a victim of the abduction by North Korea, and Sho Nobushi (70), the director of the movie “Oath to Megumi,” which depicts the abduction (13), wrote the lyrics. Mr Nobushi said that he learned about the current persecution of Uyghurs through his encounter with Uyghurs living in Japan.

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