Xinjiang Internet Information Office continues to crack down on Uyghur online activities

by Uyghur Times
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Xinjiang internet office-

In a recent move, the Internet Information Office of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region has intensified its efforts to address a series of online activities deemed illegal. The office highlighted specific incidents that it claims violated established policies.

One incident, reported in November 2023, involved a netizen raising concerns about a website forum in Ghulja (Yining) City. The government reported that The forum allegedly contained information prohibited by laws and regulations, resulting in adverse effects. This violation was cited under Article 47 of the “Cybersecurity Law of the People’s Republic of China,” emphasizing the need for network operators to strengthen the management of user-published information. “The Internet Information Office conducted a lawful interview with the individual in charge of the website, directing them to rectify the issue within a specified timeframe,” the Office said.

In a separate case, the office shut down an Uyghur platform dedicated to sharing information about Hotan Jade. In December 2023, it discovered that WeChat public accounts, including “和田玉都网” (“Hetian Jade City Net”) and “HOJAYiN,” were “providing internet news information services without obtaining the necessary permissions. ” “This action was found to be in violation of Article 5, Paragraph 1 of the “Regulations on the Management of Internet News Information Services,” which mandates obtaining a permit for internet news information services. The Internet Information Office, acting in accordance with regulations, ordered the mentioned WeChat public accounts to immediately cease their relevant service activities.”

The Chinese government shut down all major Uyghur websites and internet platforms, including,,,,,,, since 2009.

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