Sherip Khushtar, renowned Uyghur scientist, researcher and author, passes away at 100 in Urumqi

by Anne Kader



Translated from the Uyghur Times – Uyghur Language Edition.


On August 26, 2022, a renowned Uyghur folklore writer, cultural researcher, and public figure Mr. Sherip Khushtar, passed away at 100 in Urumqi.


Mr. Sherip Khushtar devoted most of his life to the literature, history, and culture of the Uyghur nation, forming his unique research method, writing style, and theoretical views in the field of Uyghur science.






He contributed to the recent Uyghur history and culture. To study history and culture, he performed many field investigations and paid attention to historical facts he learned from the people. 


He was the first to use anthropological field research to study Uyghur history and culture. In his writings, he described actual historical events in the style of Tazkira literature and created a model of modern Uyghur Tazkira literature. His book “Uyghur Customs” is among the top books in the field. He also shed light on historical figures in his book “Important Figures in Xinjiang (Uyghur) History.”


Uyghur News Agency sends condolences to the family and friends of Sherip Khushtar.



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