Exhibition about ‘Xinjiang Police Files’ held in Belgium

by Anne Kader

Photo: Belgian Uyghur Association



By Habibulla Izchi 

(Translated from Uyghur Times – Uyghur Edition)



On July 30, Uyghur activists in Belgium held a photo exhibition titled “Xinjiang Police Files” on Wappers street in downtown Brussels to inform the locals about the Uyghur genocide. 


The protest included pictures, leaflets, and live evidence about the Chinese prison camps. During the exhibition, the campaigners handed out 500 leaflets prepared in local languages.


A young couple, who visited the exhibition, said: “We saw the Uyghurs’ situation in a documentary last year, and since then we have never bought clothes from Zara. Instead, we buy clothes from thrift stores. What can we do for you here today?”, they asked.


Another middle-aged man said: “You are fighting against the most powerful entity in the world and a threat to Europe. Compared to them, you are very few, but you are a brave nation. China will see the destruction from within, and the world will take courage from you! Never stop!”


Mr. Akbar of the Belgian Uyghur Association took half a day off on Saturday and gave up family time to thank all our patriotic brothers and sisters that participated in the exhibition and peaceful protest. Passers-by stopped and scanned the code in the photos and were shocked to see all the evidence in the police files. Many of them asked what we could do for Uyghurs.


Our next plan is to continue this action in other Belgian cities, Mr. Akbar added.

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