Muslim organizations take to the streets to protest Uyghur genocide

by Anne Kader

Photo: Twitter / Council of European Muslims




On Sunday the 31st of July, over a hundred grassroots Muslim organizations in London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Toronto CA, Washington DC, Auckland NZ, Johannesburg SA, Istanbul, and Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane AUS took to the streets and demanded the Chinese communist regime stop the Uyghur genocide by using the hashtag #Stand4Uyghurs.



Photo: Uyghur American Association / Twitter



In Washington DC, representatives from American Muslim and Uyghur communities and other faith groups attended the rally & vowed to work together towards ending China’s Uyghur genocide. Hundreds also gathered outside the Chinese embassy in London to pressure China to stop the Uyghur genocide.





Photo: Dave Coulson / Twitter



Protesters gathered outside the Consulate General of China in Edinburgh to protest the Uyghur genocide.



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