Survivors of Chinese camps testify in Czech Republic

by Anne Kader

Photo: Courtesy of Qalbinur Siddique




By Habibullah Izchi 

Translated from Uyghur Times Uyghur Edition




Mrs. Qalbinur Siddique and Mrs. Gulbahar Haitiwaji, survivors of Chinese camps, visited the Czech Republic to testify about their detainment.


The committee of the World Uyghur Congress and the camp survivor Ms. Qalbinu Siddique, who had just ended a visit to Japan and returned to Europe, and Ms. Gulbahar Haitiwaji, who had returned from Switzerland, attended a series of events in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.



Mrs. Qalbinur Siddique said: “By testifying in the upper and lower chambers of the Czech Parliament, we called on the Czech Republic and the rest of Europe to take practical action against the Chinese genocide and to boycott forced labor products from China.” 


Mrs. Siddique also said that the 17-19-vote at the UN Human Rights Council to keep the Uyghur debate off the table started a diplomatic war in the UN against China.


The heroic camp witnesses also testified at various universities in Prague, such as Charles University, and on Czech television and in newspapers about their life experiences to expose the genocide committed by China.



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