Another Uyghur in Saudi Arabia faces deportation to China

by Anne Kader

Photo: İhsan Şükran‘s Facebook



Translated from Uyghur News Uyghur Edition



On August 25th, 2022, Saudi police arrested an Uyghur named Aziz at the Riad airport upon his arrival from Turkey. Because he does not have relatives abroad to ask for help, the information about his detention did not reach the public.


İhsan Şükran, a friend, wrote on his Facebook page that Aziz was detained because he had legal residence permits in Turkey and Saudi Arabia. The Saudi authorities are likely to deport him back to China within a few days.


Photo: İhsan Şükran‘s Facebook



There are currently four (maybe more) Uyghur detainees in Saudi Arabia, and the Saudi authorities have not disclosed any information about them. 



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