SOS: latest message sent from our homeland—East Turkistan


The above three screen-shots from a social media app is a message sent from an anonymous person(i.e. whistleblower) who provided with the latest development of the horrifying anti-human crimes of the communist China in occupied East Turkistan (a.k.a Xinjiang, China). Here are the English translation of the original text in Uyghur language.


Image 01 (top left): 

We have political study meeting every day evening at 7 -9pm. In the meeting we study politics(a.k.a communist Chinese propaganda) and Han Chinese language, and describe our anti two-faced people feelings. These meetings are usually very quiet.

Local government started to demolish Uyghur houses again. They demolished a lot of homes during an extremely cold winter season two years ago, and it started again. The local government uses various excuses in doing so. For example, not safe, and not earth-quake resistant, so on. This way a lot of Uyghurs will lose their houses again.

Image 02(top right):

The government will start large-scale Uyghur population transfer tomorrow. They transfer some people from concentration camps to prisons, as well as to the others parts of China. The government has planned to charge the 110,000 Uyghurs detained in concentration camps and transfer them to prisons in the beginning phase. It is possible that this number will be gradually increased. If foreign reporters come to Xinjiang in the near future, they may not be able to see the 2 million Uyghurs detained in various concentration camps before but transferred to prisons and to the other parts of China.

A lot of people are dying. We hear such news everyday. Infectious diseases are now wide-spread. The number of the people suffering and dying from infectious lung, liver, skin and brain diseases is increasing rapidly.

Recently some Uyghurs were released from concentration camps, but they have been forced to carry out pro-government propaganda activities going around from town to town, from village to village, and from city to city. They tell people how wonderful the government is, how the government taught them free of charge the various job skills, how the government gave them jobs afterwards, and how the government helped them to free themselves from religious extremism.

Image 03(bottom): 

Starting from tomorrow there will be a transferring of  detainees in large scale. The other person asks: “will they be transferred to China(i.e. out of East Turkistan)  or prisons? “.

The Uyghur people in the concentration camps will once again be transferred to prisons and other parts of China. In the first stage of this plan, more than 110,000 persons will be ‘sentenced’ and be transferred from the camps to other places. This number (i.e. number of detainees to transferred) might keep increasing.

It is most likely that there will be no one in the concentration camps when the international reporters(inspectors) come to visit the camps.



Original post from Facebook:

Uyghur Times

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