British Medical Association condemns China’s ‘appalling’ medical involvement in Uyghur genocide

by Anne Kader

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The British Medical Association has condemned the ‘appalling’ findings by the Uyghur Tribunal of Chinese medical involvement in the genocide against the Uyghur people.


Evidence collected and heard by the Uyghur Tribunal showed that hundreds of thousands of Uyghurs and members of other ethnic groups have been detained, tortured, raped, subjected to sexual violence, and forced to undergo medical procedures such as sterilization and abortion in the Uyghurs’ homeland. Furthermore, it heard evidence of people dying in the detention centers due to forced medical treatments or neglect.


The motion proposed by the Association’s medical ethics committee called on the BMA to refuse research submitted by specialists from China involved in the atrocities. The association should also ask the UN to launch an independent inquiry into the issue.


Image: British Medical Association website



BMA medical ethics committee chair Dr. Zoe Greaves said:

“A doctor must help improve health and ease suffering, not to inflict it on others. “The use of medical science and expertise to commit atrocities is abominable and represents an appalling antithesis to every doctor’s pledge to ‘first, do no harm!’


“In China, medicine is being used to commit genocide through population control. The Tribunal heard harrowing evidence of forced sterilization, abortion, and the killing of babies, while medical tests, experiments, and procedures are undertaken without people’s consent, Dr. Greaves continued.


“Mutilation, injury, and deaths have all been caused by these horrific actions, exerting misery on thousands and possibly millions of people. This is a gross and intolerable perversion of medicine – and doctors in Britain and around the world should be horrified, and unashamed in their condemnation, and in calling on international bodies to act on this inhuman assault on the Uyghur people.”


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