U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum warns China may be committing genocide against Uyghurs

by Anne Kader
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WASHINGTON, DC — The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum released a report on Tuesday: To Make Us Slowly Disappear: The Chinese Government’s Assault on the Uyghurs. The report expresses the Museum’s grave concern that the Chinese government may be committing genocide against the Uyghurs. 


The 56-page report documents Chinese government policies targeting Uyghurs, including mass surveillance, restrictions on Uyghur religion and culture, forced sterilization, mass incarceration, forced labor, destruction of Uyghur cultural and religious sites, and transfer of Uyghur children away from their families. 


The Chinese government must halt its attacks on the Uyghur people and allow independent international monitors to investigate and ensure that the crimes have stopped,” said Tom Bernstein, Chair of the Museum’s Committee on Conscience.


Like-minded states could establish a joint mechanism to coordinate a sanctions strategy. Such a mechanism could identify individuals or companies responsible for mass atrocities targeting Uyghurs. 


Source: U.S Holocaust Memorial Museum website

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