Mosques, churches demolished, New Era Civilization Practice Centers take over task of ‘spiritual’ guidance

by Anne Kader




Tens of thousands of New Era Civilization Practice Centers have appeared across China since 2018, China File reports. The plan compiled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) includes social services, cultural activities, and transforming people into ideal, well-mannered citizens. The centers also teach ‘Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for the New Era’ and are designed to draw the Chinese citizens even nearer to the party. 


New Era Civilization Practice Centers first appeared in 2018 as a pilot program in fifty counties. Now, centers exist in every corner of the country to ensure that people volunteer, attend events, or learn about the latest communist doctrines. All volunteers are under the direct control of party cadres. According to the CCP ideal, the citizens should share in the collective, national burden of the party. People should sense the warmth of the CCP and the government.


The concept of the New Era Civilization Centers is nothing new. The communist party has always wanted to increase its control over the spirituality and the daily lives of ordinary Chinese people.

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