World Uyghur Congress and HRW hold joint press conference at Munich Security Conference

by Anne Kader

Image: WUC Twitter




The World Uyghur Congress and Human Rights Watch held a joint press conference at the Munich Security Conference on the Chinese threat to the Uyghurs’ security and the democratic world. The session included WUC President Dolkun Isa, Executive Director at Human Rights Watch Tirana Hasan, NED President Damon M. Wilson, and camp survivor Gulbahar Hatiwaji.


“At the Munich Security Conference, we underscore the link between human and international security. A regime that is a threat to its own people is inevitably a threat to other states”, Damon M. Wilson tweets. 


Gulbahar Hatiwaji is a French citizen detained for two years in a Chinese “re-education” camp. She cited photos of her daughter protesting in front of the Eiffel Tower as evidence of terrorist ties, Damon M. Wilson continues. 



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