100th anniversary of Uyghur poet and revolutionary Lutpulla Mutellip celebrated in Istanbul

by Anne Kader




By Amine Wayit Sedef

Translated from Uyghur Times Uyghur Edition




A memorial event themed “An Immortal Soul” for the 100th anniversary of the brave poet, and revolutionary Lutpulla Mutellip was held at Istanbul’s Fatih Sultan Mehmet University. It was organized by the World Uyghur Writers Guild, World Uyghur Congress Foundation, Uyghur Academy, and Tarim National Art Store. 


Representatives of the Uyghur Academy, the World Uyghur Congress Foundation, the East Turkistan Foundation, as well as some literary artists, researchers, and intellectuals from various provinces and cities of Turkey, the United States, Australia, Kazakhstan, as well as some Uyghur language teachers and students participated in the commemorative event.


First of all, a short film produced by the World Uyghur Writers Association was screened at the event, introducing the life of the fiery poet and revolutionary Lutpulla Mutellip. After that, Dr. Haji Qutluq Qadiri, Dr. Faradam Kamal, Mehmutjan Yasmin, Poet Rachel Kamal, and veteran literary journalist Salema Kamal read articles on different topics about the life, works, revolutionary activities, and influence of Lutpulla Mutellip, and the importance of cultivating his spirit in today’s youth.


Rustam, a young singer from Kazakhstan, Parhat Abit, an artist from the Netherlands, and Dr. Parhat Tiryar Kham Tagli performed some national music. Poet Imran Sadai’s recitation to the melodious music touched the hearts of the event participants. 


In the end, some guests said that events like these are vital in educating the youth and reviving the national spirit in our people. The president of the World Uyghur Writers’ Association, Mr. Shair Abdushukur Muhammed, said in his closing speech: “The event was a good start, and one of the important tasks of the association in the future is to revive such events, to remind our people of our national heroes and scholars, and thereby give hope and confidence to our people.” The event ended with great excitement

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