Discussion on Uyghur poet Abdurahim Otkur and East Turkistan held in Istanbul

by Anne Kader




By Amina Sadaf 

Translated from Uyghur Times Uyghur Edition




East Turkistan Foundation in Istanbul regularly hosts “Conversation Days” about the pioneers of modern Uyghur literature. This time the topic was Poet and author Mr. Abdurrahim Otkur.



On October 22, the East Turkistan Foundation conference hall in Istanbul’s Vazinice quarter welcomed professors, doctors, academic masters, students, and other literary enthusiasts. 


Turkish Professor Dr. Huliya Kasap Oğlu Çenghel spoke vividly and impressively about the life, works, and worldview of Mr. Abdurahim Otkur. The professor highlighted patriotism and nationalism in the poems of Abdur Rahim Otkur, which excited everyone present. In the end, some teachers and young people presented their views and impressions about the interview. 



Ms. Sama, the secretary of the East Turkistan Foundation and teacher at Istanbul University, interviewed us and said that such programs are of great importance in fostering national consciousness and patriotism, as well as letting more people know more about East Turkistan.  

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