Antony Blinken: Beijing is continuing to commit genocide against Uyghurs

blinken-Uyghur genocide

By Tursun Uyghur, May 1

The State Department’s annual human rights report, which documents abuses recorded all over the world during the previous calendar year, repeated language from previous years on the treatment of Uyghurs in China-colonized Uyghur homeland. In its executive summary, the report said, “Genocide and crimes against humanity occurred during the year in China against predominantly Muslim Uyghurs and members of other ethnic and religious minority groups in Xinjiang”.

Antony Blinken, U.S. Secretary of State, said Beijing is continuing to commit genocide and crimes against humanity against Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities in its western Xinjiang province, on April 29, ahead of his planned visit to China. In a preface, Blinken said the report “documents ongoing grave human rights abuses in the People’s Republic of China (PRC).” “For example, in Xinjiang, the PRC continues to carry out genocide, crimes against humanity, forced labor, and other human rights violations against predominantly Muslim Uyghurs and members of other ethnic and religious minority groups,” Blinken said in the preface. The section of Monday’s report on China details the detention of more than one million people in camps and prisons and the use of re-education camps in the Uyghur region, among other abuses committed against the broader Chinese population.

The U.S. first declared China’s genocide against Uyghurs in 2021, based on multiple independent investigations, media reports, witness testimonies, Chinese government’s official documents that show the CCP had imprisoned millions of Uyghurs, raped Uyghur women in prisons and camps, sent young Uyghurs to forced labor camps, forced Uyghur women to go through sterilization resulting in a decrease of Uyghur birthrate and population at a significant rate, banned the Uyghur language and culture, and demolished mosques.

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