Kerry dodges question on Uyghur genocide for second time: It’s not my lane

by Anne Kader



By Uyghurian


During the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference on Wednesday, US Special Climate Envoy John Kerry dodged a question concerning China’s use of slave labor, saying the issue was “not my lane.”

Kerry was replying to a reporter’s question on whether he had brought up human rights issues in recent meetings with Chinese leaders, such as Beijing’s “use of forced labor in Xinjiang for building solar panels.”

“Well, we’re honest. We’re honest about the differences, and we certainly know what they are and we’ve articulated them, but that’s not my lane here,” Kerry said. “That’s — my job is to be the climate guy, and stay focused on trying to move the climate agenda forward.”

This is his second time publicly avoiding the question of the Uyghur genocide. he downplayed the Uyghur genocide in favor of “his lane.” last time when he was encountered the same question.



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