Chinese police: Not many, only 150 people died in the Kuchar county No.1 camp

RFA Uyghur service telephone interview investigation reveals there were 150 people died in the No.1 camp, which is one of the four already know camps in the Kuchar (aka Kuqa) county in the Aksu prefecture of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (aka East Turkistan).

Previously it has also been reported that Hemit Qari, a police chief in Ucha township (under Kuchar county) police department, was taken to a camp because his tone was sad when he mentioned to someone that there were already 200 people died since the establishment of the camp in the Ucha township alone.

In another report, Qaharjan Qawul, a 41 year old Uyghur taxi driver, was taken to the Kuchar county No.1 camp in July 2018, and died in the camp in Nov. 2018. He was a dad of two children. His alleged “crime” for being detained was that he stayed in Turkey for one and half years around 1997 before he eventually returned to Kuchar. His mom and sister continued living in Turkey for the past 22 years and already became Turkish citizens. According to his mom Tajigul Hemdullah, Qaharjan rejected his mom’s invitation to immigrate to Turkey when they last met in Kuchar in May 2017. Ironically, he ended up dead for his alleged “crime” of his short stay in Turkey 20 years ago, although he returned home because he preferred his life in his hometown (Kuchar county) better than Turkey, unlike his mom and sister.

Here is a short phone conversation between RFA Uyghur reporter and a Chinese police in Kuchar county.

RFA: How long have you been working at this police department?

Police: Since the end of 2018.

RFA: Where did you work prior to your current position?

Police: I was a secretary (office assistant) at the Kuchar county No.1 “re-education” camp.

RFA: How many people have died so far in all of the camps in the Kuchar county?

Police: I do not know the details. You should ask my supervisor instead.

RFA: We received an information saying there are 200 people died in the “re-education” camp in the Ucha township (under Kuchar county) alone. So can we assume there were 200 people dead in the Ucha camp alone?

Police: No, no, no. You may not.

RFA: Then how many people died in the No.1 camp where you worked before?

Police: Not many. Only 150 people died in there. (Note: This was only during the 6 months period while he had been working there.)

List of camps know in Kuchar county.…/satellite-imagery-of-xinjiang-re-educa…

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