New Tolerance: Tell Apple: Stop Profiting from Forced Labor!

by Uyghur Times

Your iPhone (or android) may have been manufactured by Uighur Muslims being held in modern-day slavery. Now, you can use that phone to help put an end to this vile exploitation!

For years, the Chinese government has been abducting, isolating, and brainwashing innocent people simply because of their religious beliefs. A new report revealed a sickening new twist: many of these already tortured Uighurs are being rented out as slave labor to Chinese manufacturers who work for well-known American companies. They aren’t allowed to leave or practice their religion, and any time away from the factory floor is spent in indoctrination classes meant to strip them of their Uighur identity.

Participating factories are in the supply lines of at least 83 American and international brands including Apple, Nike, Amazon, Victoria’s Secret, and Nintendo. While it’s possible that these companies previously had no idea what was going on, they know now. Will you join us in making sure this is an issue they can’t ignore?

To start, we’re calling on Apple to take action. At least four Apple-linked factories are using forced Uighur labor, including one that CEO Tim Cook visited in 2017.

With just a few clicks, you can send a message to Apple urging them to act quickly and decisively. They can choose to be heroes to thousands or to be knowing participants in one of the greatest human rights abuses of our time. 

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