Another Uyghur deported from Turkey to China

A desperate Uyghur mother in Turkey is looking for his son Abduweli Jappar, a Hotan-born Uyghur who came to Turkey on September 1, 2015, but disappeared 14 days later. Jappar appears to be one of the 397 Uyghurs detained and deported to China, Abduweli Ayup writes in a recent tweet. He says he personally knows at least three other Uyghurs that have disappeared in Turkey. Jappar would be the 4th.

Blood-curdling account of 21st-century genocide

Ahmedjan Kasim, a young Uyghur activist in the Netherlands and now an author, has just published a new book titled “De Oeigoerse Droom” (The Uyghur Dream – My Fight against Chinese Oppression). The compelling story of the Uyghurs, as narrated by Kasim, has become palpable for Dutch readers. Kasim’s storytelling is commendable, Renze Klamer, a Dutch reporter, writes on the book’s back cover.