Veteran Uyghur activist and public figure, Mr. Amrullah Efandigil, passes away

Mr. Amrullah Efandigil, one of the most senior Uyghur public figures in Turkiye and one of the Uyghurs who lived in Turkiye for a long time and engaged in political activities and public affairs, died of a heart attack.

Mr. Efandigil was born in Yekan Nahis, Uyghuristan in 1955. He moved to Afghanistan and from there to Turkey in 1965 at the age of ten.

The deceased was one of the founders of the East Turkestan Culture and Cooperation Society, established in Kayseri Province in 1989. Uyghurs have been active in political movements in Turkiye and the world.

Mr. Amrullah Efandigil is the brother of Khairullah Efandigil and Mrs. Nurela Gokturki.

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