China holds ‘2021 Xinjiang Human Rights Forum’ in Beijing

Chinese media, Global Times, reports that a so-called ‘2021 Xinjiang Intellectuals Forum and Human Rights Symposium’ was held at the Chinese Academy of Historical Studies in Beijing on December 22. Frontier Research Institute of the Chinese History Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences organized the conference. The researchers that attended were from the Xinjiang-based Think Tank.

Intel apologizes for banning use of components manufactured in ‘Xinjiang’

Intel, a US-based semiconductor manufacturer, has landed at odds with Beijing over human rights.

Intel has apologized to its Chinese suppliers for the ban of using components from ‘Xinjiang’. The ban created fiery discussions among Chinese netizens on Weibo, calling for Beijing to punish Intel.
The controversy started after Intel sent a note to its Chinese suppliers saying they should not use Xinjiang-made components in Intel’s chips.