U.S. companies face backlash for refusing imports manufactured by Uyghur forced labour

by Anne Kader

Image: Jimaro Morales / Pixabay



Some of the largest U.S companies have already faced backlash from the recent law, signed by President Biden, that severely restricts imports made by Uyghur forced labour, Market Watch reports. 


Walmart Inc., the largest global retailer, is the latest U.S. firm that has ended in the teeth of Chinese public and netizens for ceasing to stock items made in ‘Xinjiang’ (East Turkistan/Uyghuristabn)


Intel Corp., on the other hand, issued a Chinese-language statement on its official WeChat account, apologizing to its Chinese partners and customers for suggesting a ban on components manufactured by forced labour.


Trade associations have voiced concerns that the law will place American companies in a difficult position. Corporations, including Coca-Cola, Nike, and Apple lobbied Congress, and the Biden Administration, to rewrite the law proposal. 


U.S. corporations are trying to balance U.S. law, maintaining transparent supply chains, and handling the Chinese outrage. 




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