China holds ‘2021 Xinjiang Human Rights Forum’ in Beijing

Image: Ezreal Zhang / Unsplash


Chinese media, Global Times,  reports that a so-called ‘2021 Xinjiang Intellectuals Forum and Human Rights Symposium’ was held at the Chinese Academy of Historical Studies in Beijing on December 22. Frontier Research Institute of the Chinese History Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences organized the conference. The researchers that attended were from the Xinjiang-based Think Tank.

Gao Xiang, the vice-president of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, made a keynote speech at the meeting, Global Times reports. He tried to justify China’s genocidal actions against the Uyghurs. He quoted the Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s speech of September 2020: “Under the direction of General Secretary Xi Jinping, after the 18th Plenary Session of the Party, the Party Central Government has gained in-depth experience in the rules and regulations of governing Xinjiang, and has formed the target of a new era of governing Xinjiang.”

“The policy is embodied by the blood, sweat, and intellectual minds of the Communist Party members in power. It is a theoretical system with a rich and based on a completely scientific basis”, Xiang claims. The experience has shown that the Xinjiang policy in the new era is correct. The government must implement it consistently in the long run”, he continues.

Xiang also spoke about the Sinicization of religion, emphasized religious figures, and the need to increase citizens’ gratitude to the great motherland. In his opinion, the people should display confidence in the Chinese nation, Chinese culture, and the Chinese Communist Party.

In his remarks, Gao Xiang praised China’s so-called work on human rights and provided plenty of false information and statements. He claimed that the Chinese Communist Party has always supported the human rights of Uyghurs and other minorities. Xiang also accused the United States of being the greatest violator of the rights of Muslims.

The meeting attendees accused the U.S and Western anti-China forces of carrying out anti-Chinese activities by raising false Uyghur human rights issues.

While the Uyghur issue has reached international attention and the voices to boycott the Olympics have grown even louder, China is deceiving the world by organizing pretense meetings on human rights. The afore-mentioned actions convey a strong signal that the Chinese government continues its genocidal policies against the Uyghurs.