Turkish state news: 5,836 Uyghurs granted Turkish citizenship since 2002

by Anne Kader




According to the Turkish state news network, TRT’s Kyrgyz service, 95,845 Akhisks, and 5,836 Uyghurs have been granted Turkish citizenship since 2022. According to TRT, the Ministry of Interior Immigration Department reported the numbers.


According to the Turkish Citizenship Act, 95,845 Ahiska Turks and 5,836 Uyghur Turks have been granted Turkish citizenship since 2002. According to the Ministry of Interior, 26,681 Ahiska Turks and 19,328 Uyghurs are currently living in Turkey under a legal residency status. Among those, 17,997 Uyghurs received long-term residence permits.


In addition, Ahiska and Uyghur Turks will be issued a turquoise certificate, thereby exempting them from obtaining a temporary residence permit.


Until 2002, Turkey had granted citizenship to 4,840 Ahiska Turks and 325 Uyghurs. After 2002 95,845 Ahiska Turks and 5,836 Uyghurs have received citizenship.


The Ministry of Akraba Turkish Collection under the Immigration Committee is also researching Akhiska and Uyghurs in Turkey. The Ahiska Turks and Uyghurs, who share a common history, culture, and ancestry, are considered people who have a special connection to Turkey.


There are many non-governmental organizations in Turkey founded by Uyghurs and Ahiska Turks. These organizations are said to continue to operate under Turkish law.

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