Leaked documents link Uyghur genocide directly to Chinese leadership

Previously unpublished documents that link the crackdown on Uyghurs in Xinjiang to the top Chinese leadership have been uploaded online, The Guardian reports.

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Previously unpublished documents that link the crackdown on Uyghurs in Xinjiang to the top Chinese leadership have been uploaded online, The Guardian reports.


The first-ever leak of top-secret remarks by a Chinese head of state shows how Beijing is behind nearly every aspect of the atrocities in Xinjiang: internments, forced labor, birth control & reducing Uyghur population shares, big data policing, and boarding schools, Dr. Adrian Zenz tweets.




In these documents, top-level Communist Party leaders endorse Uyghur re-education and the relocation of Uyghurs to other parts of China to alter the demographic balance between the Uyghur and Han populations in ‘Xinjiang’ (which Uyghurs call Uyghurstan or East Turkistan).


Uyghur Tribunal received 317 pages of leaked, classified Chinese state documents in September 2021. They include, what appears to be, the first-ever leak of top-secret (绝密) statements by a Chinese head of state in the history of the PRC, Dr. Zenz continues.


The Uyghur Tribunal – an independent civil tribunal based in the UK – received the documents in digital format but has not published them in full to protect the source of the leak, The Guardian reports.


In a top-secret speech (classified at a higher secrecy level than the China Cables), Xi Jinping himself authorized ‘Xinjiang’ government to draft local counterterrorism legislation, which in March 2017 became the legal basis for the re-education campaign, Dr. Zenz tweets.


The Xinjiang Papers will revolutionize our understanding of how the atrocities evolved and the relationship between Beijing and the regional authorities, including Chen Quanguo, Dr. Zenz says.


Source: Uyghur Tribunal 


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