New aerial footage shows dozens of ‘Xinjiang’ re-education camps

by Anne Kader

Image: Youtube


A recent visitor to ‘Xinjiang’ (Uyghurland) has posted a 20-minute video of several detention facilities on YouTube, Nathan Ruser reports on Twitter.


The visitor shows footage of eighteen different detention locations and one former facility.


Vocational Training Centre in Mori Country (Youtube) 


The video is easy to geolocate, Ruser says. Among the facilities appearing on the video, the visitor films the entrance to a Vocational Training Centre for farmers and herdsmen in Mori County. In 2012, Ingwia, an organization focusing on defending Indigenous Peoples’ land rights, already had concerns that China: Plans to end nomadic lifestyles by 2015. Therefore it is not surprising that such facilities exist for farmers and herdsmen.

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