China guilty of committing genocide against Uyghur people, tribunal finds

by Anne Kader



London – A UK-based independent tribunal has ruled that China is committing genocide against Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities in the western ‘Xinjiang’ region. The Chinese leadership and President Xi Jinping carry primary responsibility for the acts against these minorities. Among other things. The Chinese government is responsible for the deliberate, systematic, and concerted policy of lowering Uyghur birth rates, the tribunal panel says.


The People’s Republic of China has affected a deliberate, systematic, and concerted policy of ‘optimizing’ the population in Xinjiang by a long-term reduction of Uyghur and other ethnic minority populations. They have achieved this through limiting and reducing Uyghur births,” said Geoffrey Nice, who chaired the tribunal.


He added that the tribunal was “satisfied that President Xi Jinping, Chen Quanguo and other very senior officials in the PRC and CCP bear primary responsibility for acts in Xinjiang.

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