Beijing repeats terror allegations against World Uyghur Congress after conference held in Prague

by Anne Kader

Image: Prague Business Journal



CHINA brands the World Uyghur Congress as a terror organization because the group organized a major conference in Prague last weekend.


On its website, the Chinese Embassy in Pague strongly condemns the ‘anti-Chinese separatist activities’ of the World Uyghur Congress. The Embassy accuses The World Uyghur Congress of “fabricating slanders and lies about ‘Xinjiang'”.


Dolkun Isa, the head of WUC, is no stranger to Chinese accusations. 

Interpol first added Isa to its Red Notice list in 1997 after the insistence of the Chinese government. Now Beijing accuses Isa of being ‘a terrorist identified by the Chinese government and is suspected of committing a series of ‘violent, terrorist and criminal acts.’


In recent months many European states have taken a bolder stand against China. They have not shunned hosting Uyghur or Taiwanese delegations nor bringing up China’s Human Rights abuses.


Source: Chinese Embassy Czech Republic Website

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