China’s novelle network of camps in Uyghur homeland to hold ‘Covid captives’

by Anne Kader

Photo: Screen capture of a Twitter video




By Anne Kader




A soon-to-be-completed COVID quarantine camp in the Uyghur homeland can detain up to 100,000 Uyghurs. According to the official CCP narrative, the quarantine camps serve the people with COVID symptoms.


“Uyghurs in these Covid facilities are stranded without proper nutrition and medical care. Ten to twenty percent of the population is already starving in these camps, a US-based Human Rights lawyer, Rayhan Asat tweets.  “Our people die with Covid due to China’s inefficient vaccination policy and [plain] cruelty”, she says.


In the capital, Ürümqi, those locked in their homes have started to resist the lockdowns by residential howling during the totalitarian Covid lockdowns similar to Shanghai, Wuhan, Shenzhen, and Jiangxi. Abdurehim Gheni, a Uyghur activist in the Netherlands, openly questions the effectiveness of these quarantine facilities. Two such camps exist in Korla and Bayingolin.






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