Letter-writing campaign in encouragement of Uyghur prisoners

by Anne Kader

Image: Boston Uyghur Association Twitter



By Anne Kader




Using the data from Xinjiang Victims Database, Boston Uyghur Association is launching a campaign of sending greeting cards to innocent prisoners in ‘Xinjiang’ (East Turkistan). Sending a card would be a simple act from you, but it would mean a lot for the prisoners to receive it.


Even if not, it would add pressure on China and shows that people outside of China do care. If anyone would like to participate, you can send customized messages for Eid or anything else you would like to say to them.


Image: Boston Uyghur Association Twitter



So far Boston Uyghur Association has mailed about 100 cards, but they would like to send thousands. They can also mail pre-addressed and pre-stamped cards. The association also encourages others to promote this campaign among friends.


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