The Elephant and the Monkey—Xi Jinping and Macron

President Emmanuel Macron of France – in the name of solving the Ukraine problem – went to China’s Xi Jinping and entered into a series of commercial contracts with a murderous country, betraying his strategic partners and the French people.

Image: by Jonas Manske / Pixabay 

By Kok Bayraq 

President Emmanuel Macron of France – in the name of solving the Ukraine problem – went to China’s Xi Jinping and entered into a series of commercial contracts with a murderous country, betraying his strategic partners and the French people.

Trading with China means trading with Russia because Xi Jinping has reached several commercial agreements with Putin. Money flowing to China also flows to Russia and then arrives in Ukraine as a bomb. 

 At last year’s G-20 session, Macron compared China to an elephant and himself to a weak animal, saying, “China and the United States are two elephants in the jungle. If they become very nervous and start a war, it will be a big problem for the other animals in the jungle.”

Based on this logic, Macron’s pursuit of Xi Jinping can be compared to a monkey searching for elephant dung. Because the elephant’s stomach cannot fully digest food, its feces contain food for monkeys.

In diplomacy, when a statesman sees his own country as inferior to another and does not hide it from the international community, that person has spiritually surrendered to the counterpart country.

A surrendered spirit only focuses on survival and material gain, not on values. Moreover, with the United States on the path to decoupling China, Macron’s elephant is producing plenty of food. To mask this reality, Macron may portray himself as putting the interests of the French people first, but in reality, he is not.

 The French Parliament recognized the Uyghur situation as genocide in January 2022. Thus, the French people, who are the flagships of freedom and human rights, warned Macron not to forget that China is a murderous country. Yet, he did not blink. It was clear from the group he took with him and the contracts he made that he acted for the benefit of a group of capitalists, not the French people. It had already been proven that the US–China trade relationship would benefit only a group of US capitalists and the Chinese Communist Party. This trade drove the Chinese people into darkness again in the political field and drove the American people out of their factories; the international activity of the American government was undermined.

Communists are well aware of the weak points of capitalists. Lenin rightly stated, “The capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.” 

Naturally, capitalists cannot help but love China. They are statesmen who control the selfish interests that loom in society and balance them with the general and future interests of the nation. Instead of leading the capitalists, Macron was led. He failed to fulfill his role as the father of a country at a historical point in international relations.

 Macron’s claim that he wanted to motivate Xi Jinping to persuade Russia toward peace in Ukraine was nonsense. As part of his nonsense attempt, he invited Xi Jinping to meet with Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Even if he facilitates these meetings, he will speak from Russia’s mouth and again use the chance to appear to be a “world player” while the issue remains unresolved.

In short, Macron’s surrender to Xi Jinping is tied more to his weak character and crippled thoughts than to geopolitical reality. If we have to look for an external cause, our eyes naturally turn to the Biden government.

In a family, if the eldest child shakes the hand of a stranger who comes to the house, the youngest will sit in his lap. Macron’s flattery of Xi Jinping is the result of Joe Biden’s softening to Xi Jinping. Biden’s wide smile and running when meeting with Xi Jinping in Bali, as well as his praising him as smart and straightforward, will not go unnoticed, and this will affect the decisions of all leaders of countries following the United States.

 . To date, the Biden government has been unable to take a stubborn and exemplary stance against China. It has shown many weaknesses, such as not daring to ask about the source of COVID-19 and not being able to respond properly when China flew spy balloons over its territory.

If unnecessary meetings like those of Kamala Harris continue, John Kerry keeps saying he needs China on the climate issue, and the White House interprets the relationship between Biden and Xi Jinping as exceptional, then the Macrons of the world—monkeys looking for elephant dung—will be our undoing.

If China’s dream of world domination comes true soon, it will come true not because of its power but because of the absence of opinionated politicians in the governing bodies of the United States and Europe


Anne Kader

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