Relatives of Uyghur camp victims submit criminal evidence to Istanbul General Prosecutor’s Office

by Anne Kader




By Amina Sadaf 





Istanbul, TURKIYE – On November 15, 2022, relatives of Uyghur camp victims gathered in front of a court building in Istanbul, holding pictures of their loved ones suffering in Chinese prisons. Many lawyers, human rights activists, and local journalists attended the rally, Uyghur Times Uyghur Edition reports.


With the help of lawyers, Medine Nazimi and Mirzehmet Ilyas Oghli, representatives of the camp victims’ group, submitted the prepared files about the Uyghur genocide to the Istanbul Prosecutor’s Office. Then the group held a press conference in front of the court. 


At the beginning of 2022, the relatives of the Uyghur camp victims started compiling files related to the relatives and China’s genocide of the Uyghurs. Nineteen witnesses on behalf of 119 victims brought charges against 120 Chinese officials. The 120 Chinese officials include police officers, security guards, and community cadres directly related to the prison camps. 


This submission is based on a collection of new evidence to win this lawsuit. 


At the press conference, Gundam Sonmaz, a lawyer, and the relatives of the camp victims agreed that the legal leaders of the Turkish state should look into this case in detail. They should stand by the side of justice and help all detainees who have Turkish citizenship, as well as those citizens whose children are barred from leaving China.

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