Contradicting facts: Urumqi officials deny closing residential unit doors in building caught on fire



By Uyghurian


On November 25, the Information Office of the People’s Government of Urumqi, Xinjiang, held a press conference to introduce the situation of the “11.24” fire accident.

The local government said: “There is no wire binding problem in the community; all the doors of the residents in the building are not closed, and the pictures posted on the Internet are malicious splicing.”, according to QQ News, one of the largest portals that follow the government narrative.

The officials said, “A fire broke out in a high-rise residential building in Jixiangyuan Community, Tianshan District, Urumqi City.” At about 22:35, the fire on the scene was extinguished. “All the injured were rushed to the hospital for treatment due to inhalation of toxic fumes, and 10 died after rescue efforts failed.”

According to the evidence and facts obtained by the Uyghur Times, however, the city of Urumqi has been under the strictest lockdown for the past 100 days, and the building has been completely sealed off. When the fire broke out, the residents were not permitted to evacuate.

A resident of the building of Han Chinese ethnicity shared a video in which he demonstrated the strong wires that bound the unit’s door from above.



In response to the government’s press release, many people on Douyin, the Chinese version of Tik Tok  said, “Stop lying, the doors were locked, and people who set fire to their apartments are not allowed to leave.”