Uyghurs’ response to China’s Holodomor

by Anne Kader

Illustration: Michael Lee / Unsplash



By Yaruq

Uyghurs, who have been quarantined for 45 days in Ghulja since the beginning of August as part of China’s zero Covid-19 policy, have broken their silence. By doing this, the inhumane policies of China toward the Uyghurs in East Turkestan (aka Xinjiang) have come to light once again.

The video footage emerging from Ghulja city in East Turkestan is heart-rending. The images of people dying of hunger, becoming seriously ill, and children crying because of hunger, mobilized Uyghurs to protest globally.

Uyghurs in East Turkestan under Chinese occupation and the diaspora have risen to call for help echoing each others’ words: ” Gulja Be Strong!”. Videos on social media show that Uygurs from other cities in East Türkistan prepared tons of food to deliver to Gulja.

Although China has long tried to separate the Uyghurs from one another, it once again witnessed the Uyghurs’ care and devotion to each other.

Uyghurs in the diaspora did not remain silent to these cries coming out of the city of Ghulja. Instead, they protested China’s Holodomor in the USA, Canada, France, the Netherlands, and Turkey.

China is uncomfortable with these present landscapes. Firstly,  these events will damage its image, which it has been trying to repair for a long time. China will suffer immensely from this situation. Secondly, the Uyghurs’ commitment to each other will create the perception of a threat to China. Especially the fact that Uyghurs, domestically and abroad, share the same feelings will make China mad.

Every inhumane action by China against the Uyghurs will only further reinforce the national feelings of the Uyghurs.

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