China resorts to same old methods of oppression

by Anne Kader

Illustration: AK


By Yaruq

As we can see from the deplorable video footage from Gulja City in East Turkestan, China continues in its cunning ways:  Starvation, indifference, discrimination, and contempt.
 These are part of the inhumane policy of China toward Uyghurs. And the CCP has applied those to the Uyghurs in the city of Gulja for 45 days.

Even if the criminal is strong enough, he remains silent in the face of evidence. He admits that he was wrong and apologizes if he has a little conscience. But since there is no word for shame in China’s political culture, expecting it from China is like dreaming without sleeping.

The CCP accuses those sharing on social media about the Uyghurs under distress of spreading disinformation by CCP. These are one of the known – but non-functioning – methods CCP employs to intimidate, threaten and arrest.

The fact that the world is familiar with its inhumane policies angers China even more. The question is whether it will refine this animosity by increasing its oppressive policies toward the Uyghurs.

According to Chinese-controlled Uyghur news channels on social media, “There is no hunger in Ghulja. The government will take legal action against those spreading ‘false news’ claiming that the Ghulja people are starving.”

We live in a world where the unjust are determined to perpetuate their injustice. The wronged ones remain guilty simply because they lack power.
Uyghurs struggle as victims of this injustice and as victims of those who remain silent on this issue.

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