China thanks Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and others for their support against the Uyghur motion in the UN

by Anne Kader


Image by emrahkarakas / Pixabay



By Tahir imin Uyghurian


China celebrated a victory in the United Nations and thanked Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and other countries for their support against the Uyghur motion in the UN Human Rights Council.         


The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement saying: “Today, the eyes of the international community have been opened, as the enemy forces led by the United States and Great Britain have for a long time been attempting to halt China’s development. Many Muslim countries have always supported China, which shows that China’s ‘Xinjiang’ policy is correct, and the American conspiracy to restrict China will not succeed.”                        


The Global Times published a headline stating that the United States’ five-year campaign against China had failed: The international community and major Islamic countries support China. “Everything is good in Xinjiang, so other countries support us”, the Foreign Affairs representative said. “We appreciate the countries that voted for China, as it is a rising power in the world.”                                


For years, the Muslim and Turkic countries have protected China and continued to support the massacre of Uyghurs. The Uyghur community abroad has not been able to take international measures against these countries.

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