Uyghur refugee dies after 9 years of detainment in Thai immigration facility

by Anne Kader


Image: Google Maps




Uyghur refugee dies after almost nine years of arbitrary detainment in Thailand´s immigration detention facility, World Uyghur Congress (WUC) writes in a press release.


WUC urges the Royal Thai Government to investigate the death of Aziz Abdullah, 49, a farmer of Uyghur ethnicity, who died on Saturday, 11 February, in the Suan Phlu Immigration Detention Center (IDC), having spent almost nine years in immigration detention. Aziz Abdullah reportedly died of pneumonia.


Aziz Abdullah was one of a group of 50 Uyghur detainees, almost all of whom are held at IDC Suan Phlu. These detainees are part of a larger Uyghur group who arrived in Thailand between 2013 and 2014. At the time, more than 350 Uyghur men, women, and children fleeing China were arrested and detained by the Thai authorities. In July 2015, at least 170 women and children were transferred to Turkey. Some weeks later, 109 men and women were deported to China. No further information on their treatment or whereabouts is available.  




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