‘Mock Funeral’ held in Oslo to raise awareness on China’s ongoing atrocities against the Uighurs

by Uyghur Times
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Uighur Times



Norwegian Uighur Community organized a mock funeral on May 26th in front of the Norwegian Parliament building in Oslo.

This is the fourth time in a month that the Norwegian Uighur Community organizing such a peaceful demonstration in Oslo. However, it is the first time to organize it as a Mock Funeral to remember the prisoners and detainees who are dying in the Concentration Camps in the Chinese regime.


One of the organizers, Samet Abla, stated that: “We organized this rally on the eve of ‘Oslo Freedom Forum’ in order to send a message to those freedom ambassadors who are attending the forum. This is also to tell the people around the world that what happened during the World War II is happening again even though the world said ‘Never again!’. Thus,  we need to act to stop the ongoing crimes against humanity in the Uighur homeland.”


This demonstration is supported by many Uighur intellectuals and political activists around the world.

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